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Dear customer,

We are going to launching a new product, it gathers wireless charger, power bank, coaster and magnetic attraction charger together---The coaster wireless power bank,

It has following features:

A. 1PC charging station & 1PC 12V3A AC adapter& 4PCS 3000mAh coaster power bank with wireless charger

B. Double reversible USB Output, which allow to plug in the right way all the time without checking for the connector orientation, save time.

C. Magnetic attraction charger, if someone takes one of the coaster power banks away, then they can only charge their devices no more than a time, they cannot charge the power bank via the traditional AC charger, then the coaster power bank is useless for them

D. With different light effects, in different working conditions, the coaster power banks show different light effects, very cool and nice

As you may realize everyone is searching the power packs in the public, such as offices, meeting rooms, airports, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.,so the coaster power bank station would be a trend,

For more information, please feel free to contact us!


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